Welcome to MorbidNights Colorado

Denver’s Newest Haunted Attraction

MorbidNights Colorado has been known as the Scariest Haunted House in Northern Colorado since their start in 2010. MorbidNights has had a continuous increase of patrons who come to our event, then come back with more friends. Everyone who attends only expect the best and scariest. Our patrons are so thirsty for Fear we do what NO other haunted attraction in Colorado does. We change our entire theme, costumes, makeup, and always have a fresh new cast of very professional Actors.

MorbidNights is excited to be growing each year and they are ready to unleash something big that is going to make a mark in the Denver market. So please subscribe to our mailing list and stay tuned for what’s about to come of MorbidNights. If you would like to get involved please apply to volunteer at our 2016 haunted attraction. We will also be hiring actors for 2016 experience is not required.

Until 2016 starts please follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.


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